Taekwondo Kids

Benefits of children learning Taekwondo

There are many benefits for children learning Taekwondo, through the 15 years of teaching Taekwondo we have witnessed them first hand. Keeping them active and fit is a huge positive using Taekwondo kids.

Kids Taekwondo helps children develop self-control and respect for people while building fantastic relationships with friends and other students. Self confidence boost is always evident to see while they are learning and going through the ranks. (Taekwondo belts)

Dujon Taekwondo Kids Classes and After school classes in Ruislip

Children in taekwondo get physically and mentally stronger, which untimely helps them in daily life.


Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem; Martial Arts for kids!

We notice many children build better self-esteem and confidence while learning Taekwondo for kids, the ranks and belts help them work towards a goal and develop perseverance skills. Kids Taekwondo is not just about fitness, but you also learn complicated movements, patterns and forms which help with their concentration and memory skills.

Physical fitness, self discipline, coordination, respect for others especially parents and teachers, leadership development and self control are just some of the key values your child may gain from leaning Taekwon-do!

We would like to invite your children to join this global community and the largest and most practised martial arts in the world.

We have free one hour Taekwondo kids sessions available twice a week, it would be a pleasure meeting you and answering any questions you may have!

We currently accept children from 6 years old+ and you can book up to 10 people to come along for the free taekwondo kid sessions. Parent’s are allowed to watch or even join in with us!

It’s definitely the best martial arts for kids!



Example of Taekwondo Kids class;

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