Free Taekwondo Lesson in Harrow or Ruislip

One hour FREE taekwondo taster session for anyone new to Dujon Taekwondo or completely new to the sport, this free taekwondo lesson is perfect for anyone who would like to try Taek-Won-do!

The session is designed to to give you a free insight and experience Taekwondo at Dujon Taekwondo, Free lessons are instructed by Master Earl Dujon (5th Dan) Korean trained instructor with over fifteen years experience of teaching traditional Korean Taekwondo.

Free Taekwondo Lesson: Taekwondo Harrow and Ruislip

The lesson will involve meeting the friendly and very knowledgeable Mr Dujon (instructor) where you can ask any questions you may have, then a quick warm up and stretch before having 45 minutes of going through the basics of Taekwondo. You will then practice them in a non-contact way.

Our free taekwondo lessons are available near Harrow at St Paul’s Vicarage, Ruislip. Please see below for more details;

Loose sports clothing is advisable, and don’t forget to bring a bottle of water!
All uniform (Dobok) will be supplied by Dujon Taekwondo. 

Key points;

  • Fun & Friendly environment
  • Want to bring a friend? you can bring up to 10 people with you.
  • Parents are allowed to watch the lesson
  • Non-Contact

Please use the form below to claim your spot,
we’re excited to meet you!

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Dujon Taekwondo in Harrow, Ruislip and Harrow